Nail polish jewelry!!

So I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing nail polish jewelry recently by painting cabochons and setting them but, well, I don’t have any cabochons or settings. What I do have are a few little plastic charm things I found on the ground 😉 So last night I got some of my nail stickers and two of my favorite nail polishes together and I went to work. A couple hours later I had a very pretty charm! I let it sit overnight before putting it on and I’m really happy with it 🙂

If you try this yourself remember to work BACKWARDS since you want it to look nice on the outside. For example, if you want glitter as the “top” color, add the glitter first. I had a tiny issue of the stickers starting to warp so I just waited until it was dry and smooshed them back into place with a piece of plastic. One of my smooshings tore up a teensy bit of the polish and sticker so…be careful!

Overall, I absolutely love this, and I can’t wait to see how nicely it sparkles in the sunlight!

  • Broadway Nails floral stickers
  • 3 coats Sally Hansen Laser
  • 1 coat Maybelline Denim Dash
  • 1 coat clear topcoat, extended onto the sides slightly

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