NOTD: Polish I haven’t worn in over a decade!!

So I’ve had this bottle of Wild n Crazy’s Crush on You since my 8th grade graduation ceremony about 11 years ago. This color’s so old I couldn’t find a single swatch of it on Google’s image search! This was WAY before my nail polish addiction so I haven’t worn it since that day, but I finally decided I wanted to work on finishing off the bottle so I can justify getting a new one to replace it 😉 It’s still got a few manicures worth in the bottle but I made a dent!

Sadly, so did everything I touched!! (Made a dent, that is.) I swear, I’d put on my last coat about an hour prior (AND my quick-dry topcoat) but I still kept getting dents in it 😦 So I snapped a couple pictures and then took the whole thing off to try again with a whole new look. I added some holographic glitter to my silver nail but they didn’t show up in the pics. Thankfully, my next mani turned out pretty good, so keep an eye open for it in my next post!

  • Wild n Crazy Crush on You
  • Sally Hansen Silver Chrome
  • Pure Ice Busted
  • Blaster

One thought on “NOTD: Polish I haven’t worn in over a decade!!

  1. […] wear the same base colors or even glitters more than once a month and I just wore Crush on You two weeks ago. But I can’t argue with entropy, and the computer gods had decided. I picked out a couple […]

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