My plans for the night…

So I got a pack of nail wheels at Sally’s Beauty Supply about a month ago with plans to swatch all my colors but I’ve been putting it off because I couldn’t figure out HOW to swatch them. Do I do one wheel per color family? One wheel per brand? And what happens when I buy new colors, it’ll screw up my perfectly planned-out swatches, and I can’t be having to reswatch everything every time I get a new color!!

Finally I decided to just do it. I’m going to try to have some semblance of organization to it but in the end, if things get jumbled up and I have a few random colors out of place…oh well! So this is how I’m spending my night. This is only the second batch (first batch was glitters and frankens) of colors to swatch…I still have about 100 more to do after this!


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