Indulging my recent obsession…

So as many of my Facebook, reddit, and IRC friends know, I’ve recently become obsessed with nail polish. I unofficially have over 100 polishes now! I say “unofficially” because I refuse to count them at this point, because to count them means to know definitively that I have over 100 nail polishes which would simply serve to prove that I have a problem.

Well, I’ve started a blog for my obsession, so I think it’s safe to say that I have a problem! Ok, fine, excuse my while I go count my nail polishes. You stay there, I’ll be right back. Promise!

Ok, I’m back! I counted. I have 128 different nail polishes. As of today. I am expecting more soon 😀 Let’s check out the breakdown.

  • 7 quick-dry nail pens
  • 15 blacks, greys, whites, and metals (gold and silver)
  • 7 nail art polishes
  • 9 pinks
  • 7 reds
  • 1 orange
  • 7 greens
  • 10 blues (1 which I made myself)
  • 9 purples (2 which I made myself)
  • 3 neutral/browns
  • 8 duochromes
  • 2 full rainbow sets (one set of 6, one set of 8)
  • 18 glitter/flakie polishes
  • 1 glow in the dark
  • 1 crackle
  • 2 different topcoats
  • 1 matte finish topcoat
  • 1 basecoat
  • a set of 7 (so far) colors I’ve mixed up myself inspired by the Lord of the Rings
  • a nail polish rack I designed and built entirely on my own
  • and 10 colors I didn’t count because I’m trying to swap them with people to get new colors

*Gets up on a pedestal* Hi, I’m Kyoti, and I’m a polish addict! And proud of it!!! 🙂 And welcome to my world.

My far!


One thought on “Indulging my recent obsession…

  1. Jonochi says:

    LOVELY collection and rack!
    I look forward to seeing it grow!!

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